123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues

123 HP DJ 3630 Paper feed issues are common with all of your Latest HP printers and can be resolved in many ways. When these errors occur, your Printer will automatically stop Printing and feeding pages. An E and 4 error message will be displayed on the Printer Control Panel with a blue Light blinking alert.

HOW TO RESOLVE 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues

Paper feed issues can occur even if there is no jammed paper. Here is how you can resolve the above error.

  • Identify the jammed paper first since the error can occur in different areas inside your Printer (123.hp.com/setup). Search each area inside the Printer and find the exact location of Paper Jam.
  • If your printer goes through the Printing process, click on the cancel Printing option and check if the Paper Jam is cleared


Start removing the jammed Paper from the output tray gently and also the bits of torn papers. Try pulling the Paper with both the hands to avoid tearing of Paper

  • Use a flashlight to check if the torn piece of Papers still remains inside
  • Once the above steps are completed, Press the resume button on your Printer to continue with the Printing job
  • Also, check if the cartridges are placed properly and there are no papers jammed inside
  • Move the Ink cartridge carriage across the width of your 123 HP DJ 3630 Printer. You can wait until the carriage moves towards the center
  • Resetting your Printer thus becomes the best option for clearing the 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues.
  • Remove the Printer from the Power cord and then reconnect it back again. You can now check if the issue still Persists


  • Sometimes the carriage may stick inside the Printer. Move the carriage towards the Left side, if it is stuck on the Right. Cartridge stuck in the middle can also be moved to right
  • Once the cartridge inside the Printer is properly set. Close the CARTRIDGE door and then start printing your documents
  • HP always recommend using genuine cartridges and does not prefer cartridges supplied by other Suppliers
  • You can start Printing the documents using the Printer

Follow the above guidelines for resolving 123 HP DJ 3630 Paper Feed Issues. More guidelines will be provided by our network support team at toll-free number +1-855-628-2520 or chat with us at 123-hp-com-support.com

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