123 HP Printer Fax Setup

123 HP Printer Fax Setup helps you send and receive faxes. The HP Digital Fax option has the best features like storing the fax as PDF. Setting up the hardware of your printer becomes an important step before you send and receive Fax.

Here are some of the quick and the easy guidelines you can follow for 123 HP Printer Fax Setup (123.hp.com/setup)

  • The initial step is to identify the telephone system which you are using. Both serial and parallel telephone systems are available and it depends on the region where you are accessing.
  • Try connecting the printer to the phone jack using the phone cord or the adapters that come with your printer package
  • Select the telephone system which you are having and then start following the onscreen instructions

To set up the FAX volume

  • Touch the setup icon > fax set up> Basic Fax Setup.
  • Touch fax sound volume option will be visible and you can keep the volume loud or off as per your requirements

To set up the FAX header

  • Go to the setup ICON > Fax setup > Basic FAX set up
  • Now press the Fax header and provide the fax number, other required information and press the ok button
  • Running a fax test allows you to check the 123 HP Printer Fax Setup. To run a fax test you can go to the control panel of your printer, touch the fax icon and then the settings. A fax tool will be visible. Press the tool and then start running the Fax test
  • Wait for a few minutes and your printer will start printing the test report.
  • Start reviewing the report. If the report is passed the test, it means that the printing is ready to send and receive FAX.
  • If the report is failed the test, review the report first and then proceed with the remedies to overcome the errors

To send FAX on your HP printer

Switch on your Printer > Go to the control panel > Press the right arrow button > Enter the fax number and Press OK > Type the recipients FAX number > Click on the start button to start sending the Fax

Start printing your documents using the 123 HP Printer Fax Setup

Try following the above guidelines carefully for 123 HP Printer Fax Setup. If you find any difficulty in understanding the above guidelines, start dialing the toll-free number +1-855-628-2520  provided on our website www.123-hp-com-support.com and we have the best network support team to provide you assistance and guidance.

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