123 HP Printer HP Copy setup – default settings for the LaserJet Enterprise

123 HP Printer HP Copy setup is a necessary step to change the default settings of the printer. The printer in question here is the LaserJet Enterprise. The three steps that are part of the configuration include,

  1. Connect to HP Embedded Web server
  2. Copy setting should be configured
  3. Finish setup

Connect to HP Embedded Web server

  • To begin the 123 HP Printer HP Copy setup, you will first have to connect your printer to the HP Embedded Web Server from your printer’s control panel.
  • Fetch the IP address of your printer from the network options on your printer.
  • Open a browser window such as Chrome, Mozilla or IE and enter the IP address in it.
  • You will be redirected to your personalized HP Embedded Web server page (123.hp.com/Setup).

Copy setting should be configured

  • Access the COPY SETTINGS from the browser window you just opened.
  • The following are the settings that can be altered according to your preferences.
  • Copies – set the number of copies
  • Sides – decide how many sides you want to be copied per sheet
  • Color / Black – set the copy color to either black or multicolor
  • Collate – the copies are arranged according to the original document by the printer itself
  • Reduce / Enlarge – the copy can be adjusted to a certain ratio by the printer
  • Paper selection – your printer has a capability to choose a paper size for the copy according to the original document
  • Image Adjustment –the copy quality can be improved by adjusting settings such as contrast, sharpness, darkness and background cleanup
  • Orientation – choose one from Portrait, Landscape, book style and flip style
  • Pages per sheet – select the number of pages that need to printed on each sheet of paper
  • Booklet – the copied document can be arranged into a one sided or two sided booklet
  • Edge to edge – the document is copied without any margins from edge to edge
  • Multi-feed detection – used to check if multiple pages are fed simultaneously
  • 2 sided ID scan – check this option to copy two sides of an ID card or a business card

 Finish setup

Just because you have selected the necessary options, it does not mean that the 123 HP Printer HP Copy setup is complete. You have to select the APPLY button at the end of the page to finish the setup successfully.

Troubleshooting this process is simple and easy if you get the right help from us. Our reps are available for assistance on our toll-free number 24/7 at +1-855-628-2520 or visit us at 123-hp-com-support.com

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