123 HP Printer WPS Setup

Just bought a printer? You ought to know the 123HP printer WPS Setup and printer connection methods! In this article, we highlight the WPS setup for your printer connection!  WPS commonly known as the Wi-Fi Protected Setup is the process where two modes of devices are connected using the wireless connectivity. You find two buttons in this mode, the pushbutton, and the PIN. Using the push button is very easy and by far the most-preferred method opted by users. Read further to understand how the Push button can be used for the 123 HP Printer WPS Setup.

Check the printer manual for starting the setup process. Every printer model’s manual comes with different instructions. Ensure these conditions are met for this method:

  • Check if WPS pushbutton mode is supported in the device and the router.
  • It is mandatory for the wireless router to have the pushbutton enabled with the device.
  • Generally, the WPS wireless routers do not use the WPS method for connection, especially when you are using the manufacturer’s default device.
  • You can start the pushbutton through the printer device just to connect the wireless printer to your wireless router
  • Once the above step is completed, within two minutes, press the WPS button which you find in your router for 123 HP Printer WPS Setup (123.hp.com/Setup) to be completed.

There are usually four methods, which printers use to connect. You can tend to use the wireless connection feature to get your device connected. IF your device has a display, you can choose the HP Wireless Setup Wizard. If the wizard is without display, then opt for the USB setup.

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