How to Install a Printer on HP Laptop

Here are some quick and easy guidelines on how to install a printer on HP Laptop with the help of an active internet connection. An active Internet connection secured with the security passwords like WEP or WPA becomes an essential Requirement for installing the Printer to your Laptop.

How to connect your Printer to Windows

  • The initial step is to turn on your Printer by pressing the power button that is located on your Printer. Check that your Printer is plugged into the power source correctly.
  • Click on the start button and then press the windows logo which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the settings at the lower left side of the start window. The devices option will be displayed at the top of the settings window.
  • Select the printer and scanner tab.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions Complete the onscreen guidelines. You also have options for customizing your Printer before you start the printing process (
  • You can also insert the CD which comes along with the Printer when prompted.

More instructions and guidelines on How to install a printer on HP laptop is provided on our official website.

How To Connect a Wireless Printer On Laptop

  • For connecting a wireless Printer on Laptop, you can set your computer to a location where you can get the wireless signal. Ensure that your Printer can communicate effectively to the wireless router.
  • Turn on your Printer by pressing the power button. Also, plug the printers Ethernet cable to the Router.
  • You can also check the manual which comes along with the Printer for the setup guidelines.
  • If the wireless Network settings are not visible, you can search for the respective Network at the Menu Interface.
  • Wireless Network name and the password. Wireless network passwords are always case sensitive. Make sure you provide the valid credentials.
  • WIFI setup page will be visible on your Printer screen and you can start entering the network password when prompted.
  • Click on the Add Printer and scanner, and then follow the onscreen prompts for connecting the wireless Printer to Laptop.
  • Choose your Printer name, wireless network name and then press the connect button to get connected to the Wireless Network.

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