How To Install HP DeskJet Printer Without CD

Here are some of the easy steps on How to install HP DeskJet printer without CD

Installing HP DeskJet printer without CD is the common method followed by all the users. The method is simple and a computer to install the software, active internet connection is required

  • Press the power button and turn on your Printer
  • Identify the model of your HP DeskJet Printer.
  • Place the Printer close to the Router and the computer
  • Visit the HP support website to find the drivers that are compatible to use with your CD.
  • HP sure supply website can be used to find the software’s and drivers
  • Enter the printer model, the name of the driver and a list will appear on your screen
  • The wizard will download the respective Drivers
  • Choose the correct driver from the list
  • Select the correct language when instructed
  • Click on the download button located next to the respective Driver
  • Identify the downloaded file from the downloads folder
  • Double click the downloaded setup file
  • Choose a method to identify the model of your Printer when prompted
  • Follow the onscreen prompts carefully.
  • Print a test page to make sure that the installation is correct
  • Click on the Basic Drivers option and more compatible drivers will be listed
  • Download the software from the Manufacturers website
  • Identify the model number of the Printer and the operating system
  • Find the drivers for the support and the download page
  • Exit the system and reboot your computer
  • Check your Printer by printing a sample document
  • Guidelines on How to install HP DeskJet printer without CD are provided on our website (
  • Drivers are also obtained from printer manufacturer website
  • Download and Install the updated version of software’s and drivers
  • Check the Internet connection and ensure that it is correct
  • Enter the correct username and the password for the Wireless Network
  • Set up file differs and depends upon the operating system you are using

Guidelines on How to install HP DeskJet printer without CD will be provided on our website or call our toll-free number at +1-855-628-2520.

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