How to install HP LaserJet 4250 Printer

If you want to know how to install HP LaserJet 4250 printer, make use of the steps given in this article. The installation process differs according to the operating system environment of your computer.

Using the Windows OS

  • Make a note of the name and password of the wireless network you want to connect to
  • If you do not know the password, retrieve it from another device which is already connected to the network
  • Your personal computer and the printer should be connected to the same wireless network
  • Ensure there are no wired connections made with the printer including USB and Ethernet connections
  • For a wired connection, change settings to ‘wireless’
  • Make sure that the relevant software and drivers are installed on your printer (
  • Download the software and drivers from any relevant site related to the printer or use the installation CD of your printer
  • Use the HP Printer Assistant app for more printer management
  • To change the printer settings to wireless,
    • Access the Utilities menu from the HP Printer Assistant app
    • Select the Printer Setup And Software Selection option
    • For a first-time connection, select the Connect a New Printer option
    • To change an existing connection type, select the Convert a USB Connected Printer To Wireless option
  • Close the HP Printer Assistant application on your computer
  • Press the Wireless button on your printer and wait for the instructions to appear on your printer’s display screen
  • Follow these instructions and the installation process is complete

How to install HP LaserJet 4250 printer in the Mac OS

  • Installation on the MAC virtually involves the same steps
  • Get all the required information such as the password and the wireless network name
  • Again use similar retrieval steps as above if you don’t know the password
  • Close all the applications
  • Use the USB cable to make a connection between the printer and the MAC
  • Press the ‘wireless’ on the printer and wait for the instructions to take you through the setup process

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