How To Scan From HP Printer

Scanning is an easy process if you know how to scan from HP printer.

An active internet connection secured with the security options like WEP or WPA is essential. Start scanning your documents using HP printer and then obtain good quality printing results.

The initial step to be performed is to load the photo or document. You have options to scan using the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder.

Loading the Paper into the scanner glass

The initial step to be performed is to lift the scanner Lid and then place the document to be scanned with the print side facing the downward direction. Close the scanner Lid after placing the document

Loading the Paper if you are using an Automatic Document Feeder

  • If your Printer is having an automatic document feeder, start loading the automatic document feeder tray. Make a note that the Automatic document feeder can scan only one-sided documents. A4 or the letter-sized paper is mostly preferred. Double sided or the borderless papers cannot be scanned using the automatic document feeder
  • Start sliding the paper to the automatic document feeder until you hear a sound or receive a message from the control panel stating that the document is being loaded. Adjust the paper size until it gets fitted properly

Start scanning the Documents

  • Begin the scanning process by visiting the control panel. Ensure that the computer is turned on and also the featured drivers are installed correctly.
  • If you are using a wireless network connection, make sure that the network settings are correct and active. In case if you are using a wired connection, check your wireless network cable. Replace with a new cable if the existing cable is not working

How to scan from HP printer to the Computer

  • Go to the control panel of your Printer ( then start pressing the scan button.
  • You can press the Computer to get scanned to the computer
  • Click on the scan to type option and then the document, which you are scanning, can be saved in PDF format and the images in JPEG format
  • Restart your Printer, Computer, and Modem if you find any issues scanning your documents

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