Guide for HP D1660 Printer Installer

Install the HP D1660 printer installer for MAC using the apple software update. Check if your printer is connected to your computer either using USB or through wired/wireless network before you start installing the driver software.

MAC OS or OS *10.7 and later:

  • Choose System Preferences from Apple menu
  • Choose Print and Scan, Print and Fax or Printer and Scanner based on your operating system.
  • Identify the Printer name
    • If you find your printer- try to remove the printer and add it again. This will confirm if there is a communication between the printer and the computer. It will also check if you have installed the correct printer driver.
      • Select the minus sign visible next to the printer. This will delete the printer. Click on the plus sign “+” and choose Add Printer or Scanner to add your printer again.
    • Choose Add Printer or Scanner.
    • Printer not listed in add printer or scanner window- check the connection between your computer and the printer.
      • Use a good quality USB cable and connect it to your printer and router.
      • You can also connect the printer and the computer to the same wireless/wired network (
  • Now add the Printer
  • Use Print using menu and select the model number of your Printer
  • Go to the official HP website and search for the compatible software
  • After you download the software, close the system preference window
  • In the event that you find any issues with the download process, complete the troubleshooting guidelines provided on our webpage.

For HP D1660 printer installer for MAC, you can use the apple software update to install the printer driver.


I cannot find my printer during the driver installation?

  • Wireless connection-
    • Click on the wireless icon on your Printer.
    • connect your printer and your MAC system to the same network
    • Move your printer closer.
  • Wired connection-
    • Connect your printer to the correct Ethernet port on the router.
  • USB connection-
    • Make sure you have connected the USB between the printer and the computer securely.
    • Change the connection port and try again.
    • Change the USB cable if you still face the problem.

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