HP Instant Ink Printers

Several Envy and Officejet printers are eligible candidates for the HP Instant Ink program. These printers are commonly referred to as HP instant ink printers. There are four HP Envy printer series that fall into this category and they are,

  • 4500 series
  • 5530 series
  • 5660 series
  • 7640 series

Similarly, the Officejet series of printers which are eligible for the Instant Ink replacement service includes,

  • 4630 series
  • 5740 series
  • 8040 series
  • 6830 series
  • 8610 series
  • 8620 series
  • 8630 series

Each printer series has some features that are unique to them. Here is a look at what you can expect out of the printers belonging to each series.

HP instant ink printers FAQs

HP Envy 4500 series

These are mainly home-use printers that can print, scan and copy. They have a 1000-page duty cycle for a month and work on the inkjet technology. Other features supported by the printer include ePrint and wireless direct printing.

HP Envy 5530 series

The printers in this series come with an attractive 2.5” touchscreen display that allows users to interact with the device. You can print documents from a memory card or also print with the help of other printing apps. The applications supported by this printer are ePrint, AirPrint and Mopria.

HP Envy 5660 series

These are color printers that make use of the of the thermal Inkjet technology. They are multi-function printers and can print, copy and scan. The printers are popular for their special scan features. They can scan to your email, to a folder in your PC or to your memory card.

HP Envy 7640 series

These are multi-function, Mopria certified printers that also support faxing. However, they can fax only plain A4 size papers. They have a 3.5” display screen which is touch-sensitive. Apart from the regular printing apps, these printers support HP Auto wireless connect and wireless direct printing.Therefore they are also referred to as HP Portable Printers.

Instant Ink FAQs

What are the requirements to enroll to this service?

In order to enroll to the Instant Ink service you primarily need an eligible HP printer. Additionally, you will also need an internet connection, a credit/debit card and a valid email address.

How does this program work?

This Instant Ink service involves several processes such as monitoring ink levels and sending replacement cartridges. Besides, you have to connect your printer to the internet and turn on web services to enjoy the benefits of this program.

  • First HP will monitor the ink levels of your cartridges
  • Depending on your monthly plan HP will ship the replacement cartridges
  • Also make sure that you use these cartridges only in printers that have been enrolled for the service
  • These are available only with HP and not with any other retailer

What is the monthly charge for this service?

There are several plans for users to choose from. Accordingly, the monthly charges will vary. Also, the user will be charged even if they do not utilize their full printing quota for a particular month.

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