HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP Printer Driver For Windows 10

The HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP printer driver for windows 10 is an operating system, specific driver. There are several reasons why this driver installation can fail on your computer. They include,

  • Operating system not compatible
  • Existing driver
  • Incomplete driver download
  • Incorrect driver downloaded

Operating system not compatible

  • The HP printer drivers are operating system specific and still, the HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP printer driver (123.hp.com/setup) meant for windows 10 is not backward compatible with other operating systems
  • Similarly, a driver designed to work on the Mac operating system will not function in a Windows or Linux operating system environment
  • The HP support site automatically detects the operating system and its version
  • If you wish to download for another device or another operating system, then ensure to make the appropriate selections

Existing driver

  • A printer driver installation can fail if the driver software is already available on the computer
  • In such cases, delete the existing HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP printer driver for windows 10
  • Restart your computer and then download the driver from the support site
  • Make sure you download a full feature driver to enable all printer functions
  • Install the driver and if you still face issues, then contact the support website

Incomplete driver download

  • If the installation process begins before the driver download is complete, then the installation will automatically fail
  • This is caused due to an interrupted internet connection
  • To rectify the issue, make a manual check on the download status and then begin the installation process
  • If the driver does not install, then delete the .exe file and download the file once again and repeat the installation

Incorrect driver download

  • The HP Printer drivers are device specific
  • Each printer series has a different driver based on their model number
  • For example, when searching for a driver for your Officejet printer, make sure you mention the model number in the search box
  • This way you will only see a list of relevant drivers and software in the search results

Download HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP printer driver for windows 10 from the support site

  • Open the HP support site from your web browser
  • In the search box enter the name and model number of your printer
  • From the results, select the DRIVERS AND SOFTWARE option
  • The website will detect your operating system; make sure it is the correct one
  • Else, change the options accordingly
  • Choose the full feature driver or a function specific driver according to your need
  • Select the DOWNLOAD button and begin the installation process once the download is complete

If you have any queries about HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP printer driver download and installation, contact our online support team through the toll-free number +1-855-628-2520 or visit us at 123-hp-com-support.com.

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