How to Resolve the HP Printer Error 49 4c02

The HP printer error 49 4c02, is rather common with the latest models of HP printers and can be caused by several reasons like Print Jobs stuck in the queue, Error with the Hard disk and a few more.

An error message with the code 49 4c02 will pop up on your screen once your Printer is stuck. Find some of the quick and easy guidelines below and resolving the error becomes much easier.

  • Old and the outdated Firmware’s, Wireless or wired Connectivity issues, Loose or Bad data cable can be another reason for the occurrence of error
  • The printing files and the tasks are affected
  • Start Performing a Hard Disk Initialization (
  • Performing a Hard disk Initialization can resolve the HP printer error 49 4c02 to a greater extent and most of the users prefer following this method

Hard Reset Of Your Printer

Here Is How You Can Resolve The Hard Reset Of Your Printer

  • The initial step is to turn off your Printer and then start disconnecting the Power cord and the network cables from the Connections
  • Wait for the few seconds and then plug in the power cord back again. Turn on the Printer back gain
  • The Printer will be automatically reset.
  • Check for the Paper JAMS and the settings in the Printer Queue

Also, check for the Print queue and identify if there are any jammed paper available. In case if there is any Printer Jam, clear the Papers from the queue and check if the HP printer error 49 4c02 issue still Persists

If yes, update the Version of Software you are using

  • Ensure that your Printer is using the latest versions of the Softwares and the Drivers. If not start downloading the latest and the updated version and most of the errors associated with your Printer will be resolved
  • Visit the official HP page and then click on the support and the driver’s option and the latest version of the software’s and drivers compatible with your Printer will be listed
  • Go to the Control Panel of your Printer and start printing a printer Configuration Page to Find the Network and the other Configuration settings
  • Check your wireless Network Connections and ensure that it is secured with wireless security options like WEP or WPA. Also, reset your Router before you proceed with the Printing process

Find the above guidelines for resolving HP printer error 49 4c02, to know more you can start dialing the toll-free number +1-855-628-2520 and we have a set of skilled techies to provide you assistance and guidelines. For more info visit us at

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