Install HP 3510 Printer

Install HP 3510 printer and start printing your documents in high quality. HP 3510 installation steps include preparing the device for installation, Downloading and installing the software’s and drivers and a few more

For printer installation:

  • Start gathering the essential requirements such as the Network name, Network passwords like WEP or WPA, and the computer connected to the wireless network, Broadband internet access as cable or DSL, USB cable
  • Before you proceed with the installation steps, make sure that your Printer, Router, and the computer are turned on. Connect your Printer and the computer to the same wireless or wired network.
  • If you are using a wired connection, the installer will prompt you to connect the USB cable. start connecting the cable, only when it is prompted

Start Downloading and Installing the Respective Driver

  • Temporarily connect the USB cable, to setup and Install HP 3510 printer over the wireless network. Your HP 3510 printer can gather the required wireless information from the HP 3510 PRINTER
  • To find the compatible software’s and drivers, you can visit the website 123 (, Enter the name of the printer model; the drivers that are compatible will be listed
  • Start choosing the drivers that suit your Printer model.
  • Press the download button and your software’s and drivers will be automatically installed.
  • Locate the downloaded setup file from the downloads folder, Click on the setup file and proceed with the onscreen instructions for downloading the respective software’s and the drivers.
  • You can now return to 123HP home page for completing the Printer registration and the activation process
  • Secured and active Internet connection is essential for downloading and installing the respective software’s
  • If you still find any issues connecting to the Network, to Install HP 3510 printer, you can either visit our website or dial the toll-free number to contact our network team
  • Try restarting your Printer and the network connectivity issues will be resolved automatically, Start uninstalling the Firewall software which prevents your Printer from accessing the computer
  • HP always prefer using the genuine Cartridges to obtain good quality printing results
  • It is also possible to use the Software CD which comes along with the device package. You can insert the CD to the computer where you want to install the software, click on the setup file; follow the onscreen prompts for installing the software

To know more about how to install HP 3510 printer, start dialing the toll-free number +1-855-628-2520 and our network team can assist you further. For more details visit us at

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