Install HP DeskJet 3845 Printer Without CD

You can install HP DeskJet 3845 printer without CD using the Apple software update. It is very simple and easy. Go to this blog to perform the installation.


  • Apple does not release the HP printer driver through the Apple software update anymore (from 2016). Download the latest driver software from the website.
  • Alternatively, choose Apple AirPrint and print directly from your MAC OS or IOS devices. You need not install the driver software.

Installing printer driver in MAC OS or OS * 10.7 and later:

Before you start the printer driver installation, create a new print queue.


  • The best part is that Apple software will download the driver automatically (
  • You can also manually download the HP printer driver to install HP DeskJet 3845 printer without CD.

Follow the steps given below to perform the driver installation

  • Click on the Apple
  • Find system preferences and open it.
  • Check for your OS version.
  • Based on that click Print & Fax or Print and Scan or Printer and Scanner.
  • Identify the printer name from the list.

To Add your Printer

  • Press the minus icon next to the printer name.
  • Add the printer again.
  • This will establish a communication and will make sure the correct driver software is downloaded.
  • Use the plus sign to add the printer.
  • Choose the printer name.

If you cannot find your printer do the following

When you try to install HP DeskJet 3845 printer without CD you cannot find it.

  • Click on the plus symbol.
  • Hit the Add printer or scanner option
  • Look for the name of your printer.
  • Click on the printer name.

If you cannot find your printer on the Add Printer or Scanner Window

  • Connect your printer to your MAC system
  • Check if your system and the printer to the same network
  • You can also check FAQ for any doubts.
  • Navigate to Print using/use menu
  • Look for the name of the printer
  • Select ADD to add your HP printer
    • If you receive a prompt message, download the driver software and install it.
    • If your prompt message shows software is currently unavailable then Cancel it.
  • Close the system preferences window.
  • If you can perform any of the printer functionalities then the driver installation is successful.

Visit our website to know how to install HP DeskJet 3845 printer without CD on your MAC system. Contact our customer care number +1-855-628-2520 for additional help.

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