How to Print Wirelessly from Laptop to HP Printer

In this blog, we attempt to answer a very common question that we have got from our users – “How to print wirelessly from Laptop to HP Printer?”

Wireless Printing Options have become much easier and most of the users prefer using it for obtaining high-quality printing results. An active internet connection is essential for completing the wireless Printing process effectively.

To print wirelessly to the HP printer from your laptop follow some of these quick and easy guidelines

  • For printing wirelessly, there are two options that are available. You can use a Network Printer that can be connected directly to the Home network. It is also possible to share a Printer which is already connected to another network.
  • Choose the option based on the Connection settings that are available on your Printer
  • Some of the older models of Printers will have only Ethernet Connection options and it is better to review the settings before you proceed

For Windows and Mac LAPTOP users

If you are using LAPTOPS with the latest Versions of the windows and the Mac Software (, Printers that can connect directly to the Network is more compatible. If you are using a shared Printer, turn on your Computer to start accessing the Printer

Note: More instructions on how to print wirelessly from laptop to HP printer is provided on our official website

Connecting The Printer To Laptop Using The Ethernet Cable

The initial step to be followed is to connect your Printer to the Home network. Use the Ethernet Port, if you are connecting your Printer using the Ethernet Cable

Connecting The Wireless Printers

For connecting the wireless printers to the LAPTOP, you can use the DISPLAY screen settings to get connected to the Network. Wireless network name is known as SSID and wireless security password options can be either WEP (wired equivalent Privacy) or WPA (wireless Protection access)

Choose The correct Network Name And The Password

Start choosing your wireless network name and the password correctly and then follow the onscreen Prompts to connect your wireless Printer to Laptop. The setup process will vary depending upon the model of your Printer

How To Get Connected To The Network PRINTERS (Windows)

 Windows 8 users

Press the Win key > Type Control Panel > Select the option Devices and Printers > Press the add Printer option > Add Network > select the name of the Printer from the list that appears > follow the onscreen instructions for installing the drivers

Connecting to network Printer MAC

Click on the Apple menu > select the system preferences > Click on the print and scan options > Select the PRINTER from the LIST that appears > Click on the Download and install button for installing the software’s > Follow the onscreen prompts to connect your Printer Mac

The above guidelines are extremely useful to answer the how to print wirelessly from laptop to HP printer question. You can also start dialing the toll-free number +1-855-628-2520 for more assistance or chat with our support at

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