Reset HP LaserJet p1606dn

HP LaserJet p1606 is a monochrome laser printer which prints your document in high quality. The printer is well suited for both home as well as office use. Resetting the HP laserjet p1606dn printer is an easy process. Here are some of the easy guidelines you can follow to reset HP LaserJet p1606dn. When the print job is stuck in the queue or the printer does not print properly there are times that you might have to reset your printer which means you have to restore its factory settings.

Resetting the printing system removes all your print jobs which are in the queue. Once the printer reset is completed, try adding all your printers and the scanners back to the list.

Power off

  • Turn off your printer and then turn it on after a few seconds
  • Press and hold the control panel button until all the lights are blink.

Unplug the power cord from your printer

Check the power cord and the connections associated with your HP LaserJet p1606 printer.  Disconnect the power cord and then plug in back again.

 The above step can help you to reset your HP LaserJet p1606dn to a greater extent

Try assigning your Printer a static Ip address

A Static Ip address is essential for an effective printer set up. If your printer is unable to obtain a static Ip address, then it is sure that there may be an Ip address conflict.

If you are unable to set the Ip address on your own, visit our website and try getting assistance and support from the network support team

Configure your printer with a new Ip address and your HP LaserJet p1606dn printer settings will be automatically reset.  Resetting your Ip address becomes an essential step while you perform HP LaserJet p1606dn reset.

Reset your printer now and start printing your high-quality documents.

There are supporting websites for HP which helps you to provide guidelines and instructions on how to reset your HP LaserJet p1606dn printer.

Performing a reset for Mac OS

  • The first step is to go to apple menu and then click on the system preferences
  • Click on the Printers and scanners, Print and scan option
  • Right click the window and then press Reset printing system option
  • Your printer will now be automatically reset.

Follow the above guidelines to reset HP LaserJet p1606dn printer.

If you still find the above guidelines difficult, call us on our toll-free number 1-855-628-2520 or we have the best support team here to provide you assistance.

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