How to setup HP printer

Setup HP PrinterWilliam Redington Hewlett along with his pal David Packard came up with a start-up in 1939 that manufactured electronic test equipment. It all started in a one car garage, which later grew on to become the Hewlett Packard Company. From being the principal manufacturers of personal computers to becoming the leading manufacturers of printers, HP has done it all. They have also set foot in to the IT services and IT consulting domains with a strong hold in many countries across the world. When it comes down to setup HP printer, HP has a massive lineup of products that can be broadly classified into the following series: the DeskJet printer, Envy printer, OfficeJet printer and the LaserJet printer. Each series has some unique qualities and specific characteristics suiting everyone’s budget and needs.

The DeskJet and Envy printers were designed for home use whereas the OfficeJet and the LaserJet printers are much suited for the office environment.

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Almost all HP printers ( have a similar setup process with a few variations. If you are looking for how to setup HP printer in general, then try following the steps given below. If you want more specific details on how to setup HP printer based on their model number, then refer to the corresponding articles in our website’s blogs’ section.

For completing the wired setup of your printer, you will require the following,

  • Printer
  • PC / laptop
  • Router
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable

Make sure that all the above mentioned devices are switched on and connected to a similar network before you begin the setup process. The devices have to be connected to one another with the help of the USB and the Ethernet cables. On your computer, open the ‘Printers and Scanners’ application and follow the instructions that appear after selecting the name of your printer. In the final screen of the setup, you will have to click on the ‘Finish’ button to compete the setup process.

For completing the wireless setup of your printer, you will need the following:

  • Printer (must be wireless enabled)
  • PC / laptop
  • Router

If you want to find out whether your printer is wireless-enabled then look for a corresponding symbol on the control panel of your printer. The wireless setup is almost similar to the wired setup.